Guide to typing on home learning docs - St Chad's Church of England (VC) First School and Nursery
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Guide to typing on home learning docs

Rather than printing out all home learning documents you may wish to transfer information straight to them to save an upload on the screen.

To do this please follow the steps below:

  • Open the document on the screen and enlarge it so that it is full screen or as near as possible.
  • At the top of your keyboard you will see a key that says print screen or psc, if you do not have this function you may need to google how you should take a screen grab, or print screen on your machine.
  • Once you have pressed print screen an image of your screen has been saved to your clip board.
  • Open a new document in Paint, Publisher, Powerpoint or Word.
  • Right click your mouse and click paste, the image of your screen should appear.
  • You may wish to crop the image so that it is only the document on view.
  • Click on the text box option, put the box where you wish to add text and type your answer. If using paint you will be able to use the pen function to write straight onto the document. Paint is probably the easier application to use.
  • Once finished save your document as you would normally and upload it to send to your teacher.


Mac users

  • Press shift, command and 4, then click and drag over the image.
  • Once you release your mouse the copied image will appear on your screen.
  • Double click to open it.
  • Click the pen in a circle icon at the top which will bring up options for adding text etc.
  • Click on the box with a T in it which will add you a text box.
  • Move this to where you need it and add your text.
  • Save as you would normally and upload for your teacher.