Independent Personal Skills - St Chad's Church of England (VC) First School and Nursery
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Independent Personal Skills

Children in Early Years will be part of a large group of children, possibly for the first time, and it is important that they have some independence in their personal skills before they start.
Your child should be able to ask to go to the toilet in a recognisable way and you should be encouraging them to use the toilet independently using lots of positive praise and verbal rewards for their efforts.
Children love playing in water and this should be used to encourage hand washing. Show the children how to make bubbles on their hands with the soap and discuss with them why we need to wash our hands.
Please encourage your child to cover their mouth when coughing, and their nose when sneezing, and explain why we do this. Show them how to wipe and blow their nose and dispose of the tissue.

We promote independence in young children and will expect parental support in building your child’s understanding of their own needs.

Children should be attempting to put on their own coats and shoes with parents encouragement and some physical support.
Young children should be learning about which clothes are appropriate for various activities. For example why we need painting aprons, cooking aprons, raincoats, wellington boots etc. Talk to your child about the weather and encourage children to use different clothes for different situations.

Tip – In Early Years children will need to be able to attempt to put on coats, aprons, pumps.