Medicine in School - St Chad's Church of England (VC) First School and Nursery
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Medicine in School

The only medicines, which may be administered in school, are prescribed medicines (i.e. ones prescribed by a doctor, not purchased at a chemist or supermarket), which are required to be taken more than three times daily.  An authorisation form, which can be obtained from the school office, must be completed and signed by a parent before medication is accepted.  A responsible adult must hand in medicine at the office.  It should be collected, again by an adult, at the end of the school day.

Please note that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should a child be in possession of any type of medication WHATSOEVER.

The policy for children suffering from asthma differs slightly.  A single authorisation form will be required and instant access is available – individual arrangements are made for each child concerned. Children will usually self-administer their inhaler under the supervision of an adult and a medicine slip will be issued to inform parents of the dosage taken in school and the time it was administered.


If your child suffers from a medical condition, the condition must be detailed on the school registration form and an Individual Care Plan will then be drawn up in consultation with the school, parents/guardians and the GP as necessary. Care Plans detail any medical treatment to be carried out by the school.