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Self Isolation Measures and Absence from School

Please do notify the school of any child absent as you would normally do so.  

Please make explicit whether they are in self isolation or just unwell.

Please understand that school cannot make the decision about whether your child should be in school or not.  We have limited medical expertise (beyond that of our First Aid provision) and cannot diagnose or make an assessment over the telephone/email.   This must be a decision made by parents.

We will of course contact parents and send home any child that we feel presents at school as having a temperature (as we would normally) - but please note we do not have capacity or equipment to accurately take temperatures and this would be based on how the child presents and a touch of the forehead.

We do have lots of children and staff in school with coughs as is normal at this time of year, parents should refer to the guidance around the fact that the cough is dry, quick to start and continuous.   

Please only contact the school office to ask questions around this, after already trying the DFE hotline or calling 111 as you feel is appropriate to your situation.

Please note that the school has already actioned a contingency plan in the event of a school closure to keep children learning from home.   As school is fully functioning we cannot set individualised homework for children who may be absent in this period as we simply do not have the capacity whilst teaching the children who are in school still.