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Our School


8.45                    Doors open to welcome pupils


8.45 -9.00          Registration


9.00                    Phonics


9.15                    Worship


9.30                    First lesson          


10.30-10.45        Morning Break KS1

10.45-11.00        Morning Break KS2


11.45-12.45         Dinner Break Reception

12.00-1.00          Dinner Break KS1

12.15-1.15           Dinner Break KS2


1.45-2.00            Daily Mile Reception

2.00-2.15           Daily Mile KS1

2.15-2.30           Daily Mile KS2


3.30              End of School Day 



Morning Nursery begins at 8.45 am for a three hour session.

Afternoon Nursery begins at 12.30pm for a three hour session.