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When can my child start Nursery and how often do they have to attend?

  • Your child can join us in the term in which they turn 3.
  • We refer to this as Pre Nursery . 15 hours funded places are available from the term after your child's third birthday. 
  • Your child will remain in Pre Nursery until the September after their 3rd birthday, at which point they join Nursery. 
  • In Pre Nursery, there is no minimum number of sessions required, although we do recommend that your child attends at least 2 sessions to enable them to settle in well. 
  • From the September after your Child's 3rd birthday we require children to attend Nursery for a minimum of 15 funded hours (5 x 3 hour sessions). This is because we are an educational setting and attending for 15 hours ensures that the each child is able to access the curriculum and learning opportunities. 
  • We offer a flexible Nursery provision to suit parents needs, which allows you to choose a pattern of sessions to suit you (subject to availability), eg 2 afternoon sessions and 3 mornings or 2 and half days.