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Starting school is an important and exciting milestone in a young child's life. It is very important that the induction into school is very carefully planned and both the parents and child adequately prepared. It is important that fears and anxieties are dispelled and that the child settles calmly into school.


At St Chad's we do this by inviting parents and children to a number of settling in sessions to allow parents and children to familiarise themselves with the setting. They are introduced to the staff and learn a little about the EYFS curriculum. The school uniform is put on display and most importantly the parents are given a number of documents and publications about the school.


Good preparation is the key to a settled start to school life. Received with the various official forms to sign or read is an important booklet entitled All About Me. This is a booklet for parents to complete with their child. The completed information will help the class teacher when the child starts school. The questions in it may also initiate conversations between parent and child about school. 
We find that is often the parents who feel the impact the most and they are the ones who are the most upset. We regularly phone parents who are anxious that their child may not settle to reassure them that they haven't given them another thought or even a backward glance as they walk into their classrooms. Good preparation means a readiness for school and no hidden surprises to cause any anxiety.

Here are some suggestions and tips to help you support your child in developing skills, which we consider to be important. These skills are not shown in a special order.  Don't worry your child is unlikely to have all these skills.  Please be honest and let us know if your child has shown any difficulties in any of the areas discussed.