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Fitness to Learn

It is important that children arrive at school each day "fit to learn".  This means that they need:

  • to have had a good night's sleep - please try not to have late nights before school days.
  • to have had a calm, unhurried start to the morning - please ensure that your child gets up early enough to be ready to come to school punctually without rushing.
  • to have had an adequate breakfast - please ensure your child has a healthy breakfast.
  • to be suitably dressed, especially if you come to school by car - do not pre-suppose that your child will remain indoors all day even if it is cold, raining or snowing.  Coats are required on all but the warmest days as many of our activities take place out of doors in all weathers.  Hats, with an all-round brim e.g. school beanie hats or caps are required in sunny weather.  Shoes should be conventional "school" shoes or sandals, not boots, trainers or high heels. Pupils may wear sunglasses, bearing in mind, that for safety reasons, eyewear might be inappropriate for certain physical activities.
  • to be properly equipped - reading books should be in school daily, transported in a school reading book bag together with the Reading Record book; homework, swimming kit, library books and musical instruments should be brought on the correct day (your Curriculum Handbook issued in the Autumn Term will tell you which days are appropriate).
  • Use of sunscreens to protect exposed skin are permitted and encouraged in school. Parents should provide appropriate sunscreen products for your own child(ren).
  • The school will not supply sunscreen. Children should have sunscreen applied before school and will be permitted to apply their own sunscreens before play at lunchtime.  Staff will ensure that these are used correctly and re applied as appropriate.These simple actions will ensure that your child is in the best possible physical and mental state to make the most of her/his day in school.