Uniform - St Chad's Church of England (VC) First School and Nursery
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The wearing of school uniform is encouraged for a number of reasons:

  • a uniform is smart and encourages a sense of identity
  • it prevents undesirable ‘fashion competitions’ between pupils
  • it prevents the perpetual battle about what to wear each morning.


Children attending Pre Nursery are not required to wear uniform but may choose to do so if they wish. Uniform is required from Nursery – Year 4.


School Uniform Options

Girls Winter Grey skirt/pinafore/trousers

White blouse with school tie/polo shirt

Scarlet sweatshirt/ cardigan

Red/Grey tights or white/grey socks

Black shoes

Girls Summer Scarlet check / striped dress

Scarlet sweatshirt/cardigan

White/grey socks

Black Shoes

Boys Winter Grey shorts/trousers

White shirt and school tie/polo shirt

Scarlet sweatshirt/jumper

Black/Grey socks

Black Shoes

Boys Summer Grey shorts/trousers

White shirt with school tie/polo shirt

Scarlet sweatshirt/jumper

Black/grey socks

Black Shoes

PE PE T Shirt (red- Rudge, yellow – Nurton, blue – Patshull

Scarlet shorts


Black, grey or white socks

Black or grey jogging bottoms or leggings

Black, grey or red hoodie or sweatshirt (No large logos)

For Children in Reception – Year 4 only.


PE kits should be worn on P.E. days. Children should also have a school book bag and a water bottle (latter is available from school office).

Uniform items with logos are not compulsory but can be purchased from Lads and Lasses (previously Bradsports) in Bilbrook (link below) or Trutex Wolverhampton . They also supply a wide range of optional items such as the school tie, winter jackets, rucksacks as well as book bags, sweatshirts and PE T shirts.


We also operate a preloved uniform shop which is kindly operated by one of our parents. Details are regularly posted on the school newsletter and sales events held at various points through the year. Please contact the school office for details.




Jewellery and Watches

The wearing of jewellery (rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, clip-on earrings etc) in school is not allowed.  Watches may be worn, but audible alarms should be switched off.  Watches must be removed for swimming and P.E. lessons and other physical activities.
Children with pierced ears should remove their earrings, children who are unable to remove jewellery themselves should be discouraged from wearing it to school. Taping of jewellery can create a perception of safety and is not recommended.  Tape can often fall off and does not reduce the risk of compression injury.
Where children wear jewellery for religious or cultural purposes the school will sensitively inform parents of the safety hazards these articles present in physical education.  It must be stressed that the teacher’s prime responsibility is for the safety of the pupils.  Where a decision is made to allow some types of religious jewellery then the teaching activity would be amended to ensure the safety of the child.

The school will not accept responsibility for any injury caused by the wearing of earrings, nor for the loss of earrings or watches.